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YV30R Commercial Vibration Plate
The YV30R Vibroboost is our full commercial vibration plate, suitable for use in gym envionments.

Product Specification
Vibration Type: Triaxial (Three Spatial Axes)
Power: 2 X 200W. Motors (Alternating Current)
Vibration Frequency: 30, 35, 40, 45Hz.
Vibration Amplitude:
- Low; Displacement From 1 To 2mm.
- High; Displacement From 3 To 4mm.
Programming: 30-90seg.
Maximum User Weight: 150Kg / 331 Lbs.
Measures: 70cm / 28" X 70cm / 28" X 140cm / 55"
Plate Dimensions: 50cm / 20". X 70cm / 28".
Net Weight: 71Kg / 157 Lbs.
Material: Fibreglass

Full Commercial: 1 years parts, 1 year labour
Light Commercial: 1 years parts, 1 years labour
Home Use: 2 years parts, 2 years labour
YV30R Commercial Vibration Plate

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We are able to offer leasing on this product if you are a business. The most popular option is to take a 3 + 33 lease agreement which means that there is one up front payment to the value of 3 monthly payments, followed by 33 monthly payments of a fixed amount.

We work with one of the UK's leading leasing agents so that we can give the best possible lease pricing. The following shows the typical 3 + 33 lease costs on this model:

1 x Upfront Payment: 281 + VAT

33 x Monthly Payments: 94 + VAT

Shorter and longer lease options are available. To discuss your specific requirements then please contact us on 01782 534727 or by email . Conditions apply.

YV30R Commercial Vibration Plate - Video
YV30R Commercial Vibration Plate - Further Information
This model has the following key features:

Triaxial Movement:
1.- To work all muscle groups, not only those aligned longitudinally
2.- Extends the layer of fat and provides cells with an oxygen intake, making the elimination "cellulitis" far easier
New GSR Graphics Display:
- Multiple programs to exercise each part of the body in a very simple and intuitive way.
- Get Fit in 5 steps. Select:
1- Level
2- Exercise
3- Part of the body you want to work
4- Position
5- Time
Maximum performance in minimum Time:
With the vibration platform we can do 3 minute exercise sessions 12 times per week to achieve optimum results
Compatible with other sportive activities:
Vibroboost GS is not meant to replace other sport, health or beauty treatments, it boosts the effects of positive results
Suitable for All:
Anyone, independent of age or physical condition, can use the Vibriboost GS platform
Control panel located halfway up the main column:
Makes easier to do floor exercises
Vibration plate fitted with 10 mm thick yoga mat:
For greater comfort, especially for exercises that require upper limb, hip or buttock support
Central grip handlebar:
For greater comfort and headrest for seated exercises
Vibration Type:
Triaxial (three spatial axes)
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