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The commercial strength machines that we supply are all designed to last and are manufactured to withstand heavy usage. The quality of the components used in our commercial strength range mean that the machines are extremely reliable; easy to maintain and easy for your customer base to use.

Commercial indoor cycles from Commercial Fitness Equipment
Gym Gear Elite Series Strength Range
Gym Gear Elite Series Strength Range

Reasons to Buy
High quality, hard wearing strength equipment
Length of Warranty
12 months parts and labour
Brand Name
Gym Gear

Detailed Specification
Full range of commercial grade strength equipment, including:
* Dual Adjustable Pulley
* Olympic Plate Tree
* Stretch Trainer
* Preacher Curl
* Vertical Knee Raise
* Calf Raise
* Hyper Extension Bench
* Ab Bench
* Multi Ab Bench
* Flat Bench
* Multi Adjustable Bench
* Olympic Decline Bench
* Olympic Incline Bench
* Olympic Flat Bench
* Smith Machine
* Abdominal Crunch
* Back Extension
* Torso Rotation
* Hack Squat
* Total Hip
* Glute Machine
* Seated Calf
* Inner / Outer Thigh
* Lying Leg Curl
* Leg Curl
* Leg Extension
* Leg Press
* Multi Jungle
* Cable Cross Over
* High / Low Pulley
* Seated Dip
* Lateral Raise
* Assisted Chin Dip
* Pec Deck
* Pec Fly / Rear Delt
* Tricep Press
* Bicep Curl
* Lat Pulldown
* Lat Pulldown / Low Row
* Seated Row
* Shoulder Press
* Chest Press

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