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Commercial Fitness Equipment Buying Guide

It's important that you make a considered choice when buying commercial fitness equipment for your gym. In doing so, it's worth taking the time to ask yourself who the gym will be used by; what you're prepared to spend; and how much equipment can you fit in the space that you have. Our guide will help you to work through these questions.

Who will be the main users of the Gym?
Personal trainers; schools; hotels; spas; fitness centres and home users are all potential users of commercial fitness equipment. The needs of these different users will vary as will the equipment that is required. One of the main factors to consider is how frequently the fitness equipment will be used - spas and home gyms will tend to have lower usage than schools and hotels for instance. This will help to determine whether you require "Light Commercial" or "Full Commercial" fitness equipment. Light commercial equipment is ideal for those installations where usage is up to say 20 hours per week, whereas heavier usage requires full commercial equipment.

As a general rule, the following applies:
The following installation are suitable for Light Commercial fitness equipment:
Personal Training Studios
Home Gyms
Small/Medium Hotels
Small/Medium Corporate Gyms

Full commercial fitness equipment is required for:
Medium/Large Hotels with external membership
Medium/Large School with external membership
Medium/Large Corporate Gyms
Leisure Clubs

Once you've worked out which grade of commercial fitness equipment you require, you can then look at the budget.

What is the budget?
Most organisations or home buyers know what they have to spend in advance of selecting their equipment. This normally means that some compromise is involved because invariably we all want the best possible fitness equipment available which usually comes with a hefty price tag. Options are available to help with this with leasing being a popular option to help to spread the cost over a number of months. Whatever the budget, and irrespective of whether an outright purchase or lease is involved, it's important to pick the right equipment for the job and to make sure that the features and quality that you require can be found in the fitness equipment that you choose. Fortunately, we have an excellent range of light commercial and full commercial fitness equipment at competitive prices.

How much space is available?
One common mistake that people make is to be unrealistic about how much fitness equipment fill physically fit into the space that they have. Commercial fitness equipment is generally large and you also require enough space around each item of equipment to keep things safe and to make the user feel comfortable. We offer a planning service to help you to decide which equipment will fit into your space.

There is of course much more to consider than we've identified here, but we hope that we've helped with the process of planning your gym. For more indepth advice then please contact us.

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